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Modular Architect Fights It Forward!

Douglas Cutler Modular on Cover of Greenwich Magazine
Douglas Cutler Modular on Cover of Greenwich Magazine

“Why does anyone care how a house is built as long as it is built right?” asks Douglas Cutler, renowned modular architect located in Wilton, CT, as he speaks out against the bias suffered by factory built homes. This is a persistent stigma. People believe that mobile homes and modular homes are the same thing. This is so far from the truth.”

“Imagine the outcry if we decided that all children had to be raised only one way—If we said that even if you are a good parent, you can’t raise good kids unless you do it just like everyone else. Well, the same goes for houses. There are advantages to stick built and advantages to modular and we need to make decisions based on many factors. But, today, we can’t make good decisions because the deck is stacked against pre-fab work. What would Henry Ford have said about this?”

“Recently I heard a respected builder say he was thinking of putting up an architecturally designed, modular colonial in a subdivision of other lovely, colonial stick built homes because he was hoping to compete a bit on price and energy efficiency. When the home is finished, no one will know, or care, how it was built because it will have all the balance and style of the other homes on the street. But a local Realtor was horrified at the thought of ruining this neighborhood with the likes of something built in a factory.”

“This is just too ridiculous,” says Cutler.

“The only difference is whether the house is built by freezing and exhausted subcontractors trying to fight the weather or by warm and comfortable professionals working inside a factory. You tell me who would do a better job gunning roofing tiles in the middle of January in Missouri.”

“Now trained architects design both stick built and modular. Armed with certification in modular systems structures, a good architect can take modular shapes and make them into classic Victorians, grace-filled Colonials, charming Cape Cods, and bold and light filled contemporaries. A good factory takes the utmost care when building one of our fine, architecturally designed homes.”

“A trained architect is always the answer but don’t take my word for it just because I am one,” says Douglas Cutler who practices in Fairfield County, CT. Visit my modular models on line at https://www.modulararchitecture.com and see for yourself why there is no need to discriminate against modular home building.”

About Modular Architecture: Douglas Cutler Architects in Wilton, CT has been designing modular homes for years and one of his homes has graced the cover of the prestigious Greenwich Magazine covering culture and style in Greenwich, CT.

Douglas Cutler

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