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Build Your Vacation Home Using Modular Technology

When efficient modular building techniques are combined with today’s incredibly low cost of land, the rationale for building a vacation home is more compelling than ever. Distant, hard-to-reach sites characteristic of vacation spots, such as up in the mountains, along beaches, or even on a remote island, can be easily accessed with modular construction. With 80% of the house created from the sill plate up, work crews don’t need to spend much time commuting, significantly reducing costs.

Market Timing:  The price of land has fallen significantly, especially in several unique vacation spots, but renovating far from home can be both tedious and overwhelming. Instead, by building new, and doing so quickly, your time and money is saved.

Less Risk:  These days, most contractors are small businesses with even smaller balance sheets. The unfortunate reality is that many of these contractors may be gone in the near future. With modular construction, a substantial portion of your home is factory-built in about five days, and is then shipped to the site. Within a few days of its arrival, it is made watertight and secured. So, even if your contractor goes out of business, modular construction gives you the peace of mind that you won’t ever be stuck with a half-finished vacation home.

Quality Control:  With modular construction, you can rest assured that your home will be built with the utmost quality and reliability. By contrast, home improvement contractors’ quality can vary greatly, so should you discover that you ended up with a less-than-desirable contractor, you have the option to pull the contract with the knowledge that the house was built in the modular factory.

Less Time:  Whether it’s your permanent residence or a vacation home, building a house can be time consuming and arduous, and no one can afford to baby sit a construction site. With modular construction, the overall project time can be cut by two-thirds.

Green Construction:  Since the build site is far less disturbed by using modular building systems than it is with conventional building, the environment impact of your home is significantly reduced. Furthermore, pristine vacation spots tend to have considerable environmental regulations, and as such, typically favor the use of modular building systems rather than conventional building.

Always Use an Architect:  Years ago, the modular building industry rarely encouraged the architect to participate. Unfortunately, factories would usually take the design to the 75-yard line, leaving the builder to take the project to the finish, resulting in ugly, boxy design solutions. Including the architect from the beginning affords the owner the ability to competitively bid the project, allowing them to get the best price for the value.

Recently, some architects have begun to embrace modular building systems, and the industry has become more design-driven. A vacation home is often one of the most important purchases in one’s life, and high-quality design sets the mood.

Our firm has over twenty years in custom modular home design, and is one of the first firms specializing in this area. Please feel free to browse our collection, and rest assured that we have the talent and experience necessary to design a new, custom home to meet your unique needs.

Douglas Cutler

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