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Building a Modular Home? The Results Are What Matter.

Dear future homeowner,

It is not difficult to understand the benefits of building modular. Green, fast, tight and possibly less expensive, The only thing that may not be clear is the design and why it is important to use an architect.

This is why. The factories will provide plans, usually for free. And while this may seem very nice, the problem is that we all know you get what you pay for. These free plans provided by factories are responsible for the stigma surrounding modular home construction.

So when building modular, make sure you or the factory you choose do NOT skip the architect. The architect is the only one who will turn a modular house into your dream home. See the chart below for the correct sequence for building modular. Make sure to ask the factory, or the builder dealer, to contact Modular Architecture so we can show you how one of our beautiful homes can be your beautiful home. Or go to our website: www.modulararchitecture.com to see all our fine, elegant home plans.

Call the architect FIRST!

Douglas Cutler Architects: Modular Design

Douglas Cutler

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