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Home ownership is still a top spending priority for most American families

With land prices lower than we have seen for years, construction businesses, like yours, are finally beginning to nibble on the foreclosed properties now owned by banks and trapped investors. These are properties that banks and investors want off their books… and they want them off NOW! In many cases, banks and investors are selling these distressed properties for dimes on the dollar.

So why is it that developers are hesitant to jump into the water?

The problem is that home buyers have many choices and are difficult to reel in. It’s time for a new tackle box. Smart businesses are looking for alternative ideas to get into the current land and property marketplace with confidence. It’s time to consider high-end modular construction.

Douglas Cutler Architects has over 75 High end Modular architectural plans for single family homes and multiple unit development that you can easily construct in the factory and quickly personalize to the taste of the home buyer.

Douglas Cutler Modular Homes are energy efficient, green, quick to build, and beautifully designed with the floor plans home buyers want today. Best of all modulars get you to the closing fast! You can get your investment back, and your profit much more quickly than you can with old, slow stick built construction.

Douglas Cutler

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