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Pricing Your New Modular Home… 3 Things You Need to Know

We’ve provided 10’s of thousands of Modular Home Building Estimates to our website visitors at ModularArchitecture.com.

That’s why, today, we are excited to announce the newest version of our Instant Pricing Calculator for building Cutler Series modular homes. It includes the addition of some brand-new features… making ours the most accurate INSTANT Modular Home Pricing Calculator on the web. Here’s why…

  1. We have Location information based upon the most RECENT census data.
  2. We have added a brand-new “Level of Finish” field. Now your price will be based upon YOUR very own home style preferences!
  3. We have introduced our unique “Level of Complexity” rating system and have tagged each of our models. Your estimate will be more accurate than ever.

Try the NEW Calculator Now!

So, BEFORE requesting an actual quote from a builder, get yourself the information you need to get the best deal on your home-building contract.

1. Why Location matters

It’s probably obvious that the cost of building a new home in Nebraska verses building the same home in the New York City area will differ. This variation is based upon many things, but really boils down to the cost of labor in each area. For example, your builder’s cost to hire roofers will be less per hour in one area verses another. When you add up all the different types of labor required to get a new home from foundation to move-in condition, this will make a big difference in the price of the house when the keys are finally turned over to the new owner.

2. Why Level of Finish matters

When builders speak about a “high level of finish”, they are referring to luxury features such as detailed external porches, finely-honed stone patios, round-roofed gazebos, built-in glass cabinetry, in-floor radiant heating, circular stair cases, triple crown moulding, marble floors, or even rough hewn beams adorning the family room. The more special the features that the builder must address, the more the home will cost.

To address this in our calculator, we have divided the levels of finish into 5 different levels of interior and exterior finish. If your taste levels run high, just enter a 5 into the “level of finish” field in the calculator. If you envision a simple home with few of these special features, then your level of finish should be entered as a 1. Or anywhere in between.

3. Why Manufacturing Complexity matters

The third piece of this modular pricing puzzle must take into account the “bones” of the home’s architectural design itself… because the complexity of the style will affect how long it will take a factory to build your new, modular home.

In the calculator, we have already coded each of our homes a based upon their complexity to manufacture as follows…

  • Exterior Complexity: If your chosen model has rooflines that lift up in many different directions (including gables, cathedral ceilings, peaks or steep areas) then your estimate will be much more likely to be complex to build. If the external walls of the home have many corners added to the lines of the home and many doors and windows, it will also raise the manufacturing complexity. But, if your chosen home has a plain style roof. simple exterior lines without too many corners, and a normal amount of doors and windows, then your manufacturing complexity will likely be lower, and less expensive to build.
  • Interior Complexity: If the model you choose has many interior rooms and many broken-up spaces, including many interior doors, hallways, staircases, etc, it will also be more complex to construct. If the interior is simple with open spaces not requiring many interior doors, it’s much more likely to be rated with a lower complexity score.

We hope that this new calculator will help you figure out how to build your next dream home within your budget, so request as many quotes as you like, and have fun!

Start at the Cutler Series models page to choose your favorite models. The new calculator is on every model page, so you can get your estimate today!

Just want to try it out? Here’s the Calculator…

Douglas Cutler

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