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The Cutler Series of Stock Home Plans

Pricing Out Your Modular Dream Home

The Cutler Series of Stock Home Plans

The process of getting home pricing from architects and builders can seem overwhelming if you have no idea where to begin.

Maybe you’ve tried to get bids, but they’re all so different you don’t trust any of them to be accurate. Perhaps you’re worried that the estimates you receive don’t reflect your taste level, your location or even the size of your home. And in many cases getting estimates can be a tedious, time consuming task if you are just beginning to explore the idea of building a modular home.

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Even when you have a few estimates, trying to compare the apple vs. orange bids can lead to confusion and frustration at at time when you should be excited to get started.

Well, at Modular Architecture, we offer a unique approach for our loyal readers by giving them the ability to price out as many different home styles and sizes as they want!

The cost-to-build estimates you get are instant and private, with no phone calls, no long-winded explanations, and no waiting for weeks to get quotes that don’t make sense.

While our Modular Home Pricing Calculator® applies specifically to our Cutler Series models, you can actually use to get a rough estimate to cost out your modular dream home. By choosing a comparable model you can get a very good idea of how much it will cost to build in your neighborhood.

East Deck Front view

The 3 L’s of Pricing Accuracy

Our Modular Home Pricing Calculator® will help you build a customized estimate for any one of 75 Cutler Series Modular Homes based on the criteria that really matters…

  1. LOCATION information is used to estimate the price of labor and materials in your local area and is based upon the most RECENT census data. Your general contractor ability to hire stone masons or plumbers will be much less per hour in one area verses another. When all is said and done, your move-in costs will be greatly affected by the location.
  2. LUXURY or your desired level of finish can be the most influential aspect in the cost to build any home. Our simplified formula uses the most typical levels of luxury and will also affect the cost of labor and materials. will base the price upon YOUR preferences regarding home style. Our simplified formula uses the 5 most typical levels of luxury. Whether your taste leans toward an expensive or simple, we’ve got you covered.
  3. LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY takes into account the architectural style itself. The more complex the style, the longer it will take the factory to build your new home and the more expensive it will be. Our unique tagging system factors in the time it takes for a factory to manufacture the elements of the home, and how long it takes the on-site crew to piece them together.

Try the NEW Calculator Now!

So, BEFORE requesting an actual quote from a builder, get yourself the information you need to understand and then get the best deal on your home-building contract.

We hope that this new calculator will help you figure out how to build your next dream home within your budget, so request as many quotes as you like, and have fun!

Start at the Cutler Series models page to choose your favorite models. The new calculator is on every model page, so you can get your estimate today!

Just want to try it out? Here’s the Calculator…

Douglas Cutler

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