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Why Modular Homes Take So Much Less Time to Build

With the construction industry booming once again in the United States, you probably have dreams about building something unique for your own family. On your own property. And you probably want to save time and money getting it built. Right?

Now more than ever, with modular architectural design and modular construction taking its rightful place in the home building world, we want you to know why we are so passionate about this building method.

Take a look at the chart below. It explains how much faster it is to build with Modular Construction and because your home is built safely in a factory, out of the elements and by construction experts, you will save not only time but money.

Graphic courtesy of Vanguard Modular Building Systems

The reasons for saving money are too numerous to spell out in this blog, but here is a teaser… factories build many houses and because they do, they can buy quality materials at a much lower bulk cost. Labor is another savings place because all the professionals work for the factory, there are no delays for contractors as they juggle jobs. Everything and everybody is in the right place at the right time.

What’s more, all of this is happening at the factory, while the site is being prepped for installation. From there, once all the pieces are stacked, site restoration can begin immediately. It’s a no brainer why it takes so much less time to build a modular home!

Please check out our portfolio of beautiful homes. From beach homes to large luxury models, every plan is ready to be customized for you. Or, let’s start from scratch for a totally unique home exactly the way you dreamed.

We really look forward to hearing about your dream home at your free consultation.

Talk soon!

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