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Military and Government Housing

Modular Architect Fights It Forward for Our Men and Women in the Military! The quality of living accommodations is one of the single most important influences for an all volunteer service member. Families want to live in clean, stylish housing.…

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Systems Approval for Modulars… a thing of the past?

Very few people can take a stack of boxes and turn them into a pleasing home. Only a trained architect, with certification in modular systems structures, can take those modular boxes and make them into classic Victorians, grace-filled Colonials, charming Cape Cods, and bold and light filled contemporaries.

A trained architect is always the answer but don’t take my word for it just because I am one. Let me give you an example.

A while back we were helping a factory with the styling of a home. They were wise enough to know that their customer wanted an attractive showplace sitting on his expensive piece of land. I kept calling the factory because I saw through progress photographs that they were centering the windows vertically on each other instead of the placement we had drawn in the plans.

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