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Modular Homes Never Looked So Good

We design custom modular dream homes with tons of curb appeal. We are the premiere modular architect in the United States!

80+ Modular Home Plans Available

Explore our exclusive, ready-to-build selection of pre-fab models. Each can be fully customized by our architects. Browse the plans to view specs, floorplans and calculate cost-to-build estimates for your area.

Cost-to-build estimates are available on each plan page.

The Benefits of Factory-Built Homes

Pre-fabricating homes in a factory increases precision and reduces waste, producing homes that are stronger, more energy efficient and completed faster than traditional homes.

Modular Construction FAQs

Is modular building less expensive?
Are there size limitations to modular?
How long do modular homes take to build?

All your questions, answered…

Find a Modular Builder

We can help you find a reputable modular builder to estimate your project and build your new home. Tap into our network of builders from around the country.

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