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The Cutler Series of Stock Home Plans

Pricing Out Your Modular Dream Home

The Cutler Series of Stock Home Plans

The process of getting home pricing from architects and builders can seem overwhelming if you have no idea where to begin.

Maybe you’ve tried to get bids, but they’re all so different you don’t trust any of them to be accurate. Perhaps you’re worried that the estimates you receive don’t reflect your taste level, your location or even the size of your home. And in many cases getting estimates can be a tedious, time consuming task if you are just beginning to explore the idea of building a modular home.

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Even when you have a few estimates, trying to compare the apple vs. orange bids can lead to confusion and frustration at at time when you should be excited to get started.

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Pricing Your New Modular Home… 3 Things You Need to Know

We’ve provided 10’s of thousands of Modular Home Building Estimates to our website visitors at ModularArchitecture.com.

That’s why, today, we are excited to announce the newest version of our Instant Pricing Calculator for building Cutler Series modular homes. It includes the addition of some brand-new features… making ours the most accurate INSTANT Modular Home Pricing Calculator on the web. Here’s why…

  1. We have Location information based upon the most RECENT census data.
  2. We have added a brand-new “Level of Finish” field. Now your price will be based upon YOUR very own home style preferences!
  3. We have introduced our unique “Level of Complexity” rating system and have tagged each of our models. Your estimate will be more accurate than ever.

Try the NEW Calculator Now!

So, BEFORE requesting an actual quote from a builder, get yourself the information you need to get the best deal on your home-building contract.

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